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Double Sided Polyester Tape

Choose our Double Sided Polyester Tape not only meets but exceeds the demand of your applications, provide a reliable and immediate solution for your industrial needs. Adhere to let the user “buy felt relieved, with happily” concept.

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  • Automotive Excellence: Install plastic parts seamlessly in the car industry.
  • Weatherproof Bonding: Self-adhesive mounting of rubber/EPDM profiles for enduring performance.
  • Electronic product transformation: Suitable for mounting battery packs, lenses, and touch-screens in electronicdevices.
  • Aesthetics in Design: Perfect for mounting decorative profiles and moldings in the furniture industry.
  • Flex Board Fusion: Ensures a secure join for flex boards in various applications.

Sizes Available:

  • Cut Size: Customized to meet specific customer’s requirements.
  • Jumbo Rolls: For extensive and continuous usage.

Regular Colors:
Clear/Transparent Glue with Red Liner


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