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Time:April 10, 2022

 The history of adhesive tape began in the mid-20th century, adhesive tape products began to flourish, has been deeply rooted in the development of the social and economic environment involved in the development of the people’s daily livelihood materials, food, housing, transportation, medical care, cosmetic, sanitary materials, or industry and commerce, science and technology industry, education, office, communications media or advertising and printing, are not free of the tape products rely on and pay attention to.

    In the vehicle industry (including cars, locomotives, bicycles) in the field of the high degree of development, special electrical insulation tape, PE protective film tape, body stickers PVC tape, body baking paint spray paint wrinkled paper masking tape, anti-rust treatment layer PET silicone rubber adhesive tape, electronic bridging low-foaming PE double-sided tape, acrylic foam double-sided adhesive tape, and high-temperature-resistant polyamine enzyme double-sided tape and other products for the quality of the industry with Benefits of the establishment in medicine, health materials and beauty, such as sanitary napkins double-sided adhesive tape quality to bring women compatriots how much comfort and poorly, surgery, gynecological surgery without stitches wound fixation tape, belonging to the women compatriots to maintain the maintenance of the gospel of a slender figure, without surgery double eyelid beauty tape and how to create charming eye curtains, wrinkles and a variety of beauty tape and face grinding and whitening of the teeth sticker, are to find ways to Or surprise to the market, non-woven breathable tape, rubber paste, and aluminum foil conductive tape, is silently standing in the front line of medical care.

   For the injured and sick patients with a drip and diagnosis and treatment of fixed, bruises, osteoporosis, corns and other types of ointment tape for medical use, such as the early Salon Bass, and the current circulation of the market with medical efficacy of the tape products such as chili cream, joint pain cream, etc., are each with a thousand and a thousand fame at home and abroad. When it comes to electronics, motors, computers, communication equipment, aviation, aerospace and other science and technology industries, the application of various series of special adhesive tapes and high-temperature-resistant adhesive tapes in these industries has already formed the demand for essential production materials or consumables.

   Tape industry refined technology and rich economic benefits, immediately by the neighboring industries or attention, thus triggering the rise of the tape industry! The development of the domestic provinces and autonomous regions throughout the size of the tape manufacturers have more than 3,000, and gradually formed for the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesive tapes, the largest production base is also the cheapest price of the products in the region.

    Among them, Guangdong Province is the factory is the most and the production of the largest province, and the country horse is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province has the advantage of terrain, for the tape’s good quality and low price to provide the basis!

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