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Double sided NANO net tape


Thickness(glue+mesh): 1. 12mm (glue thickness: 0.99mm)

Width: 20mm±1.5mm

Length: 20m±0.3m

Plastic Core: 76mm

Liner: green PE film 0. 1mm

Color: Clear

Adhesive: Acrylic

Initial Tack: 10#

Temperature resistance: -20℃ ~ 120℃



Peel adhesion: ≥23N/25mm

Holding Power: >48Hous



Peel adhesion: ≥33.36N/25mm

Holding Power: >120Hous


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It could be sticked on many different surface,such as Paint wall, Tile, Marble, Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Paper, Metal, Leather, Plastic, Cloth and some other available surfaces. It widely used  for  Mobile  phone  fixed,  Tablet  fixed,  Mouse  pad  fixed,  Exhibition  exhibits  fixed, Carpet fixed, Antislip mat fixed, Photo frame, Seamless hook, Toy paste, Craftsmanship, Cultural wall, Hardware doors and windows, Refrigerator, Freezer, Disinfection cabinet and some other application.

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